We put care, passion, enthusiasm and the best materials into developing a high-quality antislip system, compliant with DIN 51097 (barefoot areas) and DIN 51130 (standard footwear areas), which we produce in Germany

Our extensive experience in protecting against slip-related falls has been a valuable guide here. This has allowed us to develop products that offer effective slip resistance and high-level fall prevention at slip resistance classes “C”, “R11” and “R12”.

All products are TÜV-tested and appropriately certified.

It is extremely important to us for our products to be as flawless and fast as possible to work with, which is why we have kept the KAMBA user instructions simple and easy to understand … from practical experience.

Our customers have access to a technical service for treating large surfaces with KAMBA products, as well as an internal service team who will be happy to answer any questions relating to our product at any time.

The KAMBA product line of high-quality safety packages at slip resistance classes C and R11 are available direct from our factory. Please ask for an offer.

Our product, the world’s only single-component system with UV protection, is transparent and will have little to no effect on the existing look. In addition to high-quality tools, our KAMBA antislip sets include everything you need for a professional coating.

See it, touch it, feel it! Our KAMBA products provide a feel-good experience as well as guarantee your safety.

KAMBA antislip products can be removed at any time.

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